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2017 Chinese New Year Holiday

Dear customers, we hereby to inform you that we are going to have the Chinese New Year vacation, so our office will day off from JAN 26th of 2017 until FEB second of 2017, also our production line will rest at the same time.
Specially our China custom will day off from JAN 26th  of 2017 until FEB 06th , so all the export business will start after FEB 06th , please kindly noted.
During the holiday, our staff their cell phone will keep operation, also all salesmen will check their email box all the time, so if you have any other inquiry then you could contact our satff or send the email , we will reply you as soon as possible.
The Chinese New Year Holiday is the most important holiday in China, all the people should back to their home town to share the dinner with all families, contact with all relatives, just like the Christmas Holiday.
So we would like to send our best regards as our Chinese Wishes to wish you have good fortune with good health, and all families are happy all the time.

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